Mister Cutts

Designer: Tabitha Kristen

Link: http://designbeep.com/2009/12/10/creative-and-meaningful-logos-for-inspiration/

I wish so badly that I designed this logo. Every time I see a brillant logo I wonder why I can’t come up with something like this. Simple, clean, and amazing. Love the face created from the scissors.



Designer: Brian Plemons

Link: http://dribbble.com/shots/221638-Shift-logo

Clever use of negative space. Some of my favourite things in logo design. This one kind of reminds me FedEx, probably because of the arrows and the use of negative space to create a letter H. I think the “s” should be a little closer too the negative ‘h’ though. I feel like there’s a little too much white area of that side of the letter.

Crush Coffee

Designer: Daniel Watson

Link: http://dribbble.com/shots/270216-Crush-Coffee?list=tags&tag=illustration

Coffee beans and a heart. Love coffee, love Crush coffee. Coffee is love. So many branding ideas come jumping out at me for this logo. My one peeve with it is the grungy texture. I think it would have worked so much better with just solid colour instead of trying to make it look like a coffee company that works out of an old shack.


Designer: Unknown

Link: Unknown

I found this logo and I thought, simple and clever. With just two basic shapes as the dot on the ‘i’, it changes the whole feel and makes the logo memorable. Beautiful.


Designer: Stebbings Partners

Link: http://www.gdusa.com/issue_2012/april/logolounge/watercolor.php

This logo has a great idea behind it but needs some tweaking. The green band looks like it’s supposed to mimic the elastic they place around the lobster claws but it doesn’t quite read properly. Also, the spacing of the word within the green band is off, I think it needs to be moved down a little bit to give more space on top of the word.

Sankara – Nairobi

Designer: Glazer

Link: http://identitydesigned.com/sankara/

This logo is very nicely designed but what I really like about the idea is the overall branding for the whole company. This was done for an upscale hotel in Nairobi. The logo is used to create numerous patterns to roll out to all the other corporate material including textile designs for the hotel itself. Very good use of a logo to create an entire corporate image.

Logo Bird

Designer: Logobird Designs

Link: http://www.logofaves.com/2011/02/logobird-designs/

How cute. I love when A logo can simplify an image with a couple colours and simple shapes while still getting the message across. My only issue is the tracking in the word “BIRD”. I think it’s a little too tracked out and too airey. The visual symmetry with the negative space on the upper left and lower right of the bird make it very interesting.

London 2012 concept

Designer: Stuart Watson

Link: http://www.logodesignlove.com/london-2012-logo-alternative

No WHY, oh WHY, did London not use something like this for their Olympics? THis logo is so simple and it’s crazy that I didn’t have to even think about what it said, right away I knew it was London. The simplified shapes are so nice and makes it very modern without being hideous like the logo they went with. As you can tell, I have a bone to pick with Wolff Olins over that one.