Designer: Unknown

Link: Unknown



Designer: Brian Plemons


Clever use of negative space. Some of my favourite things in logo design. This one kind of reminds me FedEx, probably because of the arrows and the use of negative space to create a letter H. I think the “s” should be a little closer too the negative ‘h’ though. I feel like there’s a little too much white area of that side of the letter.

Crush Coffee

Designer: Daniel Watson


Coffee beans and a heart. Love coffee, love Crush coffee. Coffee is love. So many branding ideas come jumping out at me for this logo. My one peeve with it is the grungy texture. I think it would have worked so much better with just solid colour instead of trying to make it look like a coffee company that works out of an old shack.


Designer: Unknown

Link: Unknown

I found this logo and I thought, simple and clever. With just two basic shapes as the dot on the ‘i’, it changes the whole feel and makes the logo memorable. Beautiful.