London 2012

London 2012 Olympic Logo – Wolf Olins

Designer: Wolff Olins – Design Agency


This one had to be included, and I know I’m not the only designer out there to criticize this horrible design. Overall, the logo doesn’t make any sense. It took me quite some time to even realize that the four pinks spaces were even numbers. The jagged edges of the numbers don’t relate to each other at all and seem to have been just planted anywhere, which ends up creating very awkward negative spaces. After the bright pink numbers we see the typeface, designed specifically for the branding of the 2012 Olympics, which is also terrible. First–off, the use of all lowercase letters for the city is just dumb. Secondly, the typeface itself is poorly designed. The round O’s next to the angled counter on the D look horrible. None of the letters seem to look right together and to add to it, their not even kerned properly. Instead of communicating the true values of the Olympics, this logo makes it look cheap, annoying, and quite frankly ugly.


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