Espace Go

Espace Go – Cossette / Identica

Designer: Cossette / Identica


This very simple, yet intriguing logo for Espace Go has been very cleverly designed. The use of negative space in order to create dimension is well done. By having the contrast of white and black, the logo pops quite a bit while still having accent colours such as brown and red to accentuate the dimensional form of the logo. By aligning the typography so close together, all of the letterforms are creating through the very simple line work. Also the design plays with the idea of optical illusion to create a three dimensional idea from a two dimensional surface. The way the lines work give direction to the viewer’s eye, which keeps the focus within the logo and not wandering around the page. Even though the two colours on either side of the logo are quite different, the think black lines give the piece a very unified feeling while having variation within it.

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